Curry and Spice makes England’s Heir Nice


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With a book titled Heirs & Spares (available June 4th), you better believe I’m on the Duchess of Cambridge baby watch with the best of them.

katebabybumpAccording to E Online, Kate Middleton is craving spicy food. Reading between the lines, all this article really says is she went in to a shop, complimented the cook and got some veggie curry in the deal. It’s not like she’s been sending out Prince William for Thai at 3am.

Having gone through morning sickness myself, curry or crumpets, I’m glad to see the poor woman can actually eat again.

What did you or your spouse crave during pregnancy?  When I was pregnant with my daughter (during the two week period I wasn’t nauseated or having horrible heart burn) it was apple turnovers and lemon meringue pie. And for my next pregnancy, I didn’t need an ultrasound to tell me he was a boy: all I wanted was meat, beer, chips (or crisps, depending on one’s side of the Atlantic), and peanut M&Ms.